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Why have I named my blog “regression to the mean”?  My initial assertions are extraordinary (and often wrong) – slowly evidence accumulates for or against my opinions – and they change accordingly. Eventually, they become ordinary and reflect the opinions of most people. In my own way, I regress to the mean.

A little bit about me here:

My philosophy is scientific skepticism. I believe that a lot of resources are wasted in this world because too many people cling to “pseudosciences” that are not backed by empirical evidence. Two of the most prominent examples that come to mind are homeopathy and religion. I think that before putting our faith or “heart and soul” into something, whenever possible, we should be put it though the test of scientific methodology. Having said that, I do not believe in the reduction of all knowledge to only that which has a scientific basis.

Idealism vs. pragmatism:  I am an idealist.  I believe that pragmatism allows for internal inconsistencies, and our views and perspectives are hugely influenced by the set-up or the background. I therefore believe in the merits of the “a priori” and that theory should precede practice when possible.    However, I also believe that the “best should not be the enemy of the good” and am willing to compromise my idealistic principles if they put a strain on time, energy, resources or relationships (that sounds like a pragmatic, doesn’t it ;-).

Political views: I tend be liberal on most social and moral issues. I am not too literate on the economic issues, but I support the views of the scientific community. Those are my guiding principles – if I don’t know enough on something to make my judgement call, I look to the experts. I don’t think the experts are always right, but they are more often right than non-experts.

I am passionate about: science, religion, culture, politics, moral and ethical issues, philosophy of law, epistemology.  I also love coffee (and chocolate).. the bitter, the better (up to a certain threshold).

I hope  my blog posts throw light on where I stand on things.


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